Hermes Flagship Store

This was a great project in a high profile location. Our client contracted us to design & install hoarding with graphics, lighting & 24h security. 

The hoarding structure was built using 2No. layers of 18mm of WBP plywood which were overlapped. This reduces any wind traps and also allows for a perfect finish when applying the vinyl graphics. All screws were countersunk & filled to provide a completely smooth finish. The double entrance door way was built with an additional hidden double-door surrounding it. This was to enable the contractors to open the larger doors when heavy steels and large glazing units were delivered. Once deliveries were completed, the doors could be closed to provide a seamless finish.

The perimeter of the hoarding was installed with 15no bulk lights & the inside of the hoarding was fitted with a hardwired alarm system linked to a rapid response unit complete with internal CCTV. 

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